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Non-Predatory Payment Plans for Patients at 0% Interest Offered by Healthcare Financing of America

Now you can offer payment plans for patients.

In April 2022, the White House announced it would be reforming four areas related to consumer debt. The purpose is to ease the burden of medical debt for American families. Part of the announcement speaks directly to the responsibility of providers. It says they have a responsibility to offer non-predatory payment plans for patients or financial assistance to all eligible patients.

As a provider, you can stay ahead of the curve by working with Healthcare Financing of America (HFA). We offer a timely solution to healthcare providers seeking to support these new government directives.

We Offer Patient-Friendly Loans

Unlike many medical financing programs, our loans are patient-friendly. Our payment plans are flexible enough to meet the needs of all patients. Additionally, our 0% patient financing offering is available to all. HFA never charges interest to the patient.  Through our patient-friendly platform, HFA helps Providers stay compliant with White House guidelines.  Many vendors in the financing space cross over into a predatory environment.

Providers Benefit from Offering Payment Plans for Patients

Medical providers will receive many benefits from partnering with Healthcare Financing of America. Providers will be able to take a proactive approach to compliance. You will be compliant because our loans are not predatory. Additionally, providers can choose between two methods of payments:

  • receive payment up front from Healthcare Financing of America, or
  • choose to receive payments over time as patients make payments.

Another benefit is that you will be able to serve more patients. Patients with high and low credit scores will be able to seek the medical attention they need.  

Request a Demo Today

If you are a medical facility or medical provider, then click to request a demo. Or give us a call today at 615-716-1037. If you have a predatory plan or no plan at all right now, you need to look for other options to be compliant. HFA loans will meet that need.